My family and I have been with the office for 20+ years and now see Dr Cory Rush. He is truly an exceptional dentist. Dr. Cory has preformed regular check ups, fillings, a crown and just recently some dental work on my front teeth. The beautiful work he did FAR FAR exceeded my expectations. I can now smile without embarrassment. Thanks Dr Cory
— Jim Elwood

Best dental visit I’ve ever had!! The front desk ladies, the tech, and Dr. Kyle we’re all super friendly. They answered all my questions, made me feel comfortable, and most importantly made it fun! Will definitely be going back. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for a new dentist in the Fulton Ranch Area in Chandler. They also have an office in Ahwatukee!
— Julie Bollero

Dr. Rush and his entire staff are simply amazing. Not only are they consummate professionals but they provide the very best customer care and results anyone could ask for. I highly recommend this group for all of your dental needs and this comes from a very satisfied customer.

Love Dr. Rush and his entire staff! Everyone there is super friendly, accommodating and helpful. Hands down the best (and best designed!) dental practice in the Phoenix area!

I found the Rush office through a friend who said that he had been a patient for over twenty years. I visited the office for the first time 2 weeks ago for a routine cleaning. I needed other services but wanted to get a feeling of how I would be treated before I committed to returning. My first impression was that the office staff was friendly, not just to me but they genuinely got along well with each other. The office itself was new and modern. The equipment and technology they used was top notch and Dr. Kyle was patient, gentle and informative.

After the visit I’d seen enough to visit them again. I had small chip in my tooth and a cavity that needed filling. I’d spoken to Dr. Kyle about the chip and he assured me that this was something he was especially good at. My second visit was yesterday and as he worked to fix my tooth I was pretty nervous. After he finished, he handed me a mirror and all I could do laugh. I was so tickled at how uniform he made my teeth look! Color, symmetry, and his priority was to make me feel good about it. He kept asking me, “What do you think and how does it feel?” I was blown away. Still am!! He even told me to come back if he needed to make an adjustment. I found my new dentist!

Dr. Rush you Rock AND ROLL!

Before coming in for my treatment I was extremely nervous. In fact, I was so nervous that when Dr. Rush came in I started tearing up. He immediately noticed and he stopped everything to help talk me through the whole procedure, I felt like I was the only patient he had that day. I appreciated the fact that he took the time to help me on an emotional level. He was very personable and kind.

I personally have worked as an oral surgeons assistant in an office where our patients comfort was our main priority. It’s rare to find an office that meets these same standards. Dr Rush and his staff are great and I would highly recommend his office to anyone.
— Deanna Victor

My daughter and I have been going to Dr. Rush’s office for about 7 yrs now. We’ve always been extremely happy and satisfied with EVERY part of our experience. My daughter went thru the Invisalign program, which we really should have done regular braces at 17 yrs old. She was not disciplined enough to wear her trays and change them on time, after not seeing them for over a year we went back to Dr. Rush and he was willing to continue to full treatment where my daughter stopped wearing her trays. There were new trays that needed to be ordered, and new appts she had to go in for and Dr. Rush worked with us 100% of the way. This is by far the best dentist we have ever been to and will continue to go to for years to come. Thank you Dr. Rush and staff.

I first met Dr. Rush years ago when I needed a large gap between my teeth cosmetically fixed. I’d been putting it off for years, but the old cosmetic job was breaking apart. Since everyone sees your front teeth first, this was a scary thing for me. Dr. Rush did the most beautiful job at preserving these teeth. They looked gorgeous and finally had my smile back.

After this, I decided it was time to see Dr. Rush for my regular care. He always listens to my concerns and explains everything he is doing. I like to be informed on what is happening and he is on spot. Other dentists can get nervous or intimidated when someone asks too many questions. Not Dr. Rush. He is confident and assured and completely professional.

When my mother moved here a couple of years ago, she also needed some dentistry. Mom saw Dr. Rush’s son, Dr. Kyle and he did a fabulous job with my mother. She was 83 at the time and required a lot of patience. He was great with the impressions, adjustments and her teeth turned out perfect. The cost was reasonable and the visit was a success.

Dr. Rush and his family have taken great care of my family!